Orc monk woman

Truly Wutog is a 'man' of many faces.

Smoking a long pipe, the travelling monk leans back in her chair and blows out rings of smoke.

Wutog Degabega came to Willowdale a male half-orc monk; after his death at the Battle of Willowdale, he was Reincarnated into the body of an elven female, causing him to not only lose his tattoos, but the ability to smoke pipeweed. Months later, he drank from the waters of the Orc Maker, returning him to a half-orc body, though not of his original gender.

Wutog journeyed to Willowdale with the intent to travel beyond the wall in order to continue his research into the Twin Gods of Destruction (The Axehand and The Arch-Psion) and the Ruined Scrolls of the insane oracle, Fahz Murb. Having gained materials to study, she rented a room in the Boar & Thistle for several months. With her studies complete for the time being, she moved to Ashi-Gompa in the month of Tarsak. She quickly became embroiled in matters of local politic, particularly the subjugation of the Left-Hand Path by the Right-Hand Path. Together she and the Pathfinders defeated the former Masters of the Right-Hand Path. In doing so Wutog became the Master of Masters, leader of Ashi-Gompa, and immediately abolished the elitist traditions that held sway under the Right-Hand Path.

Wutog is very knowledgeable in the fields of religion and history, and can be prompted to join the Pathfinders in their quests beyond the wall, for a price.

Wutog joined the Pathfinders on a trip to the Lichfields, where she was invaluble for her appropriate adventuring gear, her knowledge of the Twin Gods and of undead creatures, and her willingness to carry both physically and mentally slow teammates.


Wutog, after his reincarnation.


Wutog, before his reincarnation.