The Winterpeak Mountains have never been scaled.

A range of frigid mountains, the Winterpeaks exist near the Sawtooth Vale, on the northern side of Bracken Valley, stretching all the way to the Rheic Sea. The mountains have been viewed several times as Pathfinders travelled to the ocean, but they have yet to be investigated properly. A group of Pathfinders flew over these mountains once in an ornithopter.

It seems that frost giants live in these mountains, and they travel down into the valley to fish in the River Dawn. They mentioned having relations, mostly negative, with orcs. A giant crag linnorm was found stalking about the barren peaks when the Pathfinders flew overhead.

Points of InterestEdit

Nothing has been discovered yet. Better start looking!

Routes and RiversEdit

  1. Unknown River - A river, as of yet unnamed and unexplored, flows south down the Winterpeaks.
  2. Entrance to the Underdark - Somewhere in the mountains is supposedly an entryway into the underground tunnels of the Underdark. Fire giants apparently live in or around it, and from there harass the native stone and frost giants.