A welcome sight at the end of a long journey.

As you enter the town, it at first seems alike to many other villages you've seen, but when your eyes fall upon the large wall that marks the western border, you change your mind. This is where your adventure begins.

Willowdale is a pleasent town on the edge of the civilized world. The town grew around one of the few gates in the Great Wall, and for generations the people have lived quietly and peacefully, leaving the safety of the wall themselves only occasionally to use the nearby fertile land. The nearest town is Marten's Dam, one day's travel to the north; the capital of New Luxberg is several weeks away by caravan.

Willowdale is welcoming to new adventurers who wish to pass beyond the gate, and they supply nearly everything a traveller could need, including rest, supplies, trade and spiritual support. Willowdale is also a prime location for holiday festivities, as merchants and travellers come from all over to swap goods, stories and merriment. Besides celebrating the national holidays such as Lunasa and Yule, Willowdale has several of its own local holidays, including the Fishing Contest held in Kythorn, and a few new traditions, such as the Cake Competition of Leafall.

The Pathfinders, a powerful organization of adventurers, have been making their marks on the town, funding or even personally building new structures and services for the town's, or their personal, benefit. Probably the most significant addition is the Adventurer's Guild, built through the funds and efforts of all of the Pathfinders in order to supplement the Boar & Thistle as their home base of operations.