Valconey tower

Luckily, you only have to answer the door's riddles once.

As you approach the tower, you notice an ornate door-knocker on the entrance. When you go to knock, a voice comes from the statuette, asking you a perplexing question about weights and scales.

Valconey's Tower is loated on the north side of the town of Willowdale, just slightly away from the other buildings. It is a three-story structure, but only has a single room at the very top; the rest is merely a winding staircase. The room is filled to the brim with books, scrolls, knick-knacks and bobbles, and is home to the resident wizard Valconey.

The only visible entrance to the tower is a single front door, embellished with a large door-knocker. This statuette is magically enchanted such that it can question new vistors so that they might gain access by answering riddles, as well as welcome returning guests.


A new arcane portal has been constructed in this tower, thanks to the assistance of houseguest Sosostriss.