Yet another installment of the Style Series! I'm sure you're all thrilled. Without further ado, here's the pattern that's been eked out for page formatting in general:

Spacing: There is no indenting for new paragraphs, but each new paragraph starts on a new line (one hit of "enter"). New sections, prefaced by a header, have a line of space between the previous paragraph and the header (two hits of "enter").

Pictures: Pictures are left-aligned, and should be placed at the beginning. In other words, insert them as the first object in the body of text. Photo captions should have punctuation, and while they should be either all italicized or all normal, we seem to have about 50/50 at the moment, so it doesn't really matter.

Flavour Text: Flavour text, the italicized paragraph at the beginning of PC, NPC, Willowdale, Landmark and Region pages, should be written in second person and be 2-3 sentences in length.

Links: The first instance of any reference-worthy word within a page body should be made into a link; further instances should not. The exception is in lists (Points of Interest, Quests, etc.): the first instance of a reference-worthy word in a list should be made into a link, regardless of whether it was linked earlier in the main text body.

Again, if somebody notices another pattern, or has something to add, please leave comments.