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Entrances to the Underdark are rare indeed

Dark tunnels twist ever deeper into the ground; no light shines here to show what hides behind the stones.

Very little is known at large about this underground region. Several routes into the dark caverns have been located, which lead miles down beneath the surface into pitch black caves. A varied ecosystem exists in this segregated place, including caves rich in valuable minerals, volcanic vents, fungal forests and large lakes containing blind fish.

Dwarves have made their homes in the Underdark for centuries, but lately they have apparently been suffering from the ire of the more aggressive denisons of the deep: drow, mind flayers, beholders, morlocks, orcish raiding groups and various abberations. Deep goblins also reside here, and although they admit to having strained relationships with the dwarves, they seem to merely wish to be left in peace. A skittish but ultimately friendly deep gnome has also been encountered within the region.

Points of InterestEdit

  1. Undermountain Inn - A dwarven inn which is actually more similar to a fort then a tavern. Yeslick has returned here after decades of seperation from his people.
  2. Underground Lake - A wide lake, home to the sea serpent Naitaka.
  3. Goblin Citadel - The hidden and well-fortified home of the deep goblins, and the seat of their king.
  4. Fungal Forest - A cavern said to be home to giant fungus, giant insects and myconids. The Pathfinders have not yet discovered its exact location.
  5. Char Nassed - An underground drow metropolis.

Routes and RiversEdit

  1. Underground Highway - A straight raised road that leads over chasms and caves. It begins at the entrance near Gorgoroth's Bridge and leads west.

Known EntrancesEdit

  • Gorgoroth's Bridge - At the base of the chasm is a great stone archway and stone stairs that lead down, forming the beginning of the Underground Highway. Morlocks use this entrance at night to venture above ground.
  • Lone Mountain - An entrance is said to exist near the top, guarded by a pack of wyverns.
  • River King - The giant face carved into the mountain is hollow, containing tunnels that lead down into the darkness.
  • Trollveggen - A chain elevator, originally built by dwarves, exists in the Trollveggen mountains, south of Ashi-Gompa. It leads directly into Char Nassed, unfortunately for those who constructed it.
  • Overwood Pass - A huge gash in the land of the Western Rainforest is so deep that it extends all the way down into the Underdark. The Fungal Forest is thought to be located at the bottom of the chasm.
  • Sawtooth Vale Mines - Though the entrance to the mines is blocked, the tunnels do extend into the Underdark itself.