Sunny Fox

The orange fox listens intently to the dialogue, before interrupting with a bark and growl. The gentleman in the top hat nods, and turning to the fox he says, "Excellent point. I'd forgotten that approach," before returning to the conversation.

Tsune is a fox and the familiar of Dr. Jacob Haiduc. She is 4 years old and of a mixed breed, mostly red fox, though after Dr. Haiduc learned the secrets of winter magic from the frost hags, she was was changed somewhat and now appears much more similar to an arctic fox. She became Dr. Haiduc's bonded familiar 3 years ago, during his time at medical school.

Tsune prefers to sleep in the day and stay up during the night, keeping watch for wandering monsters and small field mice. She is quite good at making friends with wild foxes, both red and arctic ones, who usually tell her about the region and presence of field mice.

She always follows the Doctor, both in town and on adventures. During a battle with a wandering tribe of barbarians, she was transformed into the form of a halfling and provided support by throwing tanglefoot bags at the attacking horde.