Gnolls have made the towers their lair.

Several large towers stand like silos in the rough landscape. You don't know exactly how old they are, but their solemn architecture suggests a somber purpose.

The Towers of Silence stand in the Northern Badlands, a prominent landmark in the mostly regular landscape. The towers themselves are ancient, constructed with the purpose of facilitating "burial by sky": corpses would be put inside the towers and, with their lack of ceiling, birds would be allowed feast on the bodies, and would scatter bones and remains over miles of terrain. It is possible that they were constructed by the northern barbarian tribes, known for their worship of birds.

Both the towers and the caves surrounding them were once inhabited by a pack of gnolls; while not the original builders, they added ramparts to the original design so that they might keep watch over the surrounding land. They used the towers as their unkempt den as well as a place to keep slaves for resale, generally to Legio XIII. Due to their aggressive nature and their slave trade, the Pathfinders fought them on several occasions, eventually driving their numbers so low that the pack has mostly disbanded, leaving the towers in an abandoned yet foul state.