Guards defending the town of Willowdale.

As you go to leave town, you notice a few men standing watch over the gate. They don't seem to take their job that seriously, and send you off with a smile and wave.

The wall guards of Willowdale keep watch over the gate between Willowdale and the Golden Fields from a small guardhouse. As monsters rarely attack the wall, most of the guards find the shift rather boring, and talking to the Pathfinders as they come and go is one of the few points of interest in their job. Regardless of the lack of excitement, the guards are technically a part of the United Laurasian Defence Force, and most young men of the town pay their duty to the service. Ned once counted himself among their ranks, and both Jord and Rain currently work with them.

Originally, the guards asked for a toll of a copper or two to pass by: Sir Roswell paid them in gold. Since then, the Pathfinder's gate fees have been waived.

As the Battle of Willowdale approached, the ranks of the wall guards swelled as every retired member returned, and many new recruits signed up as well. Many valiantly gave their lives for Willowdale and the Wall.