The following is an index of the categories that make up this wiki.


People, Animals and MonstersEdit

  • Affiliation - Information pertaining to known organizations as well as the basis and benefits of their favour.
  • Archmage - An exceptionally powerful wizard or other arcane magic-user.
  • Civilization - Someone who has a confirmed permanent address within the walled boundaries of Laurasia, excluding Willowdale.
  • Companion - A creature who serves a Pathfinder as a function of a class feature.
  • Creature - Any race or tribe, or any unique sort of non-humanoid.
  • Deceased - Anyone who is currently dead.
  • Hireling - Someone who can be hired in the short-term to assist on specific missions.
  • Follower - Someone who directly serves a Pathfinder with the Leadership feat, or is otherwise a player-controlled minor character.
  • Mount - A creature that the Pathfinders can ride.
  • NPC - A person who is consistently controlled by the DM.
  • Pet - An animal that is kept by a Pathfinder.
  • Player Character - A person who is currently controlled by a player (a Pathfinder).
  • Retired - A Pathfinder that is no longer actively adventuring, or is otherwise not being player-controlled.
  • Villain - A person or monster that has declared open hostility to the Pathfinders.
  • Willowdale - A person who permanently lives within the town of Willowdale, and leaves very infrequently.

History, Myths and LegendEdit

  • Civilization - A myth, legend or cultural trapping that has been carried down through the Laurasian society.
  • Deity - A god or spiritual being, or a religious group.
  • Expedition Log - A collection of the Pathfinder's journeys, sorted by date.
  • History - A past event or person that influenced the present.
  • Twin Gods - A special category linking two related gods.


  • Backstory - Short stories and character profiles regarding people and places from the Pathfinders' pasts which are otherwise unrelated to the current events and locales. Also home to general setting-based fiction.
  • Blog posts - Blog posts. Yup.
  • Humour - Here there be silliness.
  • Loot - Items and accolades collected by the Pathfinders.
  • Quests - Ongoing and completed quests for the Pathfinders to deal with.
  • Reflection - Short stories regarding events that take place during the campaign, usually from an individual's perspective.
  • Style Series - A sub-set of blogs relating to the style of the wiki.
  • Top 10 Lists - Different top 10 lists. Go vote!
  • Treasure and Services - Discussion relating to the dispensation of items and information.

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