Saint Christopher


Peace-Bringer, the True Pilgrim


Lawful Good


Good, Protection, Travel, Law

Favoured Weapon



Symbol of St Christopher

St. Christopher is an ascended human saint, commonly worshiped as a demigod. In his mortal life, St. Christopher was a humble foot-soldier who received a holy vision of an angel upon a battlefield. With this omen, he fought his way to the enemy warlord, whom he slew in single combat; this act, believed miraculous, ended a long-standing war and saved countless lives.

St. Christopher, as a man, was known to travel the world as a pilgrim, defending travelers and the common folk. He performed many miracles in his lifetime, and was slain defending a forgotten king from a barbarian invasion. It was said an angel descended from the heavens and bore the mortal remains of Saint Christopher to the heavens.

St. Christopher is the patron saint of pilgrims and travellers. His symbol is an arrow breaking upon a steel shield.

A church dedicated to St. Christopher stands on the Lonesome Road in the Golden Fields, which has been cleared of monsters by the Pathfinders. The main statue in the church was miraculously restored when Jord prayed there for St. Christopher's assistance in the Battle of Willowdale.