Kind of like this, except not at all.

A gentle glow illuminates the horse-like form of this creature. Though quiet, you can tell he warms quickly to your company.

Mr. Sparkle Pony, Esq. is an eidolon outsider who visits the Material Plane in order to learn more of the indiginous cultures. Sparkle Pony is bonded to the summoner Kat, who is his travelling companion.

When not visiting the Material Plane, Sparkle Pony lives in a delightful cottage in a small demiplane with his housemate Shining Scale.

Relationship with OthersEdit

As an observer on the Material Plane, Sparkle Pony tries not to form close bonds with anyone other than Kat. He is neutral towards the other Pathfinders, though weary of any who try to instruct or direct him. Given the reaction most inhabitants of the Material Plane have to him: some positive, some negative, he prefers to attempt to subdue his true form so as to not attract too much attention.