Southern badlands

These vast rocky plains are adjacent to deserts, canyons, forests, and even swamps.

The land stretches out before you, with only some large clusters of rock to break up the landscape. You get the feeling it will get quite warm as the day goes on.

Open plains and large boulders define the badlands, which stretches across the wilds south of the Golden Fields. Water is more scarce then it is further north as the land dries out to become desert.

A legion of the hobgoblin army has made camp in the badlands, although most of it was wiped out during the Battle of Willowdale. Other creatures noted in the area include indiginous ogres, herds of sauropods, and at least one giant. An elusive traveller calling himself Djinn of Djinn was also met within the wastes.

Points of InterestEdit

1. Hobgoblin Legion Camp - A detachment of the hobgoblin army has set up a camp in the badlands. Only a few soldiers remain, content to scrape by a living in the wastes in peace.

2. Ogre Cave - A cave, home to local ogres. It was found abandoned following the Battle of Willowdale; the inhabitants were likely either murdered by the hobgoblins or pressed into their army.

3. Sosostriss' Tower - A tower by the south edge of the Great Cedar Forest, former home to the reclusive sorceress Sosostriss.

4. Well of Nechtan - An old elven well, just outside the Great Cedar Forest, used by goblins and other humanoids. It connects to a large, ruined sewer system that runs under the forest.

5. Basilisk Den - A large collection of humanoid statues marks the den of a tackle of basilisks.

6. Oasis - A small lake that makes a nice resting spot before heading into the Dead Canyons. The body of an escaped slave of the hobgoblins was discovered here, but has been interred in town.