Zdzislaw beksinski 1985

Ancient markers near the Shrine of the Twin Gods of Destruction

All that remains of what you assume was a building is a ruined entryway into the ground. Where it leads, you are uncertain.

A shrine in the names of the Twin Gods of Destruction, The Axehand and The Arch-Psion, lies in the Lichfields under the ruins of what may have been an old cathedral. The shrine itself is small, with only a handful of rooms. The entrance leads to an antechamber housing two large statues of the gods, The Axehand in black stone, once adorned with rubies, and The Arch-Psion in white marble, once adorned with emeralds. There are two other doors in the antechamber, each leading to another small room. These rooms each held their own traps, and eventually connect to each other via a passageway in the back. Of particular note is a pit of undiscernable depth, filled with the dead; Erevis has began a mission to exhume the pit of dead remains in order to give them a more proper burial.

At the center of the complex, surrounded by the other rooms, stands the alter itself: two statues of the gods in more pensive positions. By making offerings to the alter, preferably pipe-weed, the blessings of the gods can be passed onto the supplicant. The base of the alter's statue of The Axehand bears several buttons of a simple, runic design: a city, a ziggurat, a giant foot and an island. Pressing these reveals a hidden compartment in the statue, but the meaning of the designs is still unknown. If pressed in the wrong order, they trigger a variety of minor traps.

Upon entering the shrine, the Pathfinders were met with an incorporeal humanoid (or illusion), dressed in ninja garb, who informed them that the gods welcomed looters in their dungeon, but would not allow them to take anything easily; it has reappeared each time the Pathfinders have visited, each time taking a new form. Amongst various magical and mundane traps, there was to be found a mummy and a mimic. There was also a warforged, ancient and lacking in true self-awareness; after its defeat, Rinzler and Sir Roswell returned the mechanical body to Valconey to see if it could be repaired. The wizard explained that though the body could be mended, the magic required to restore its "soul" was beyond him.

Ruthea has petitioned the Pathfinders to make several stops at the shrine so that she might make offerings to the Arch-Psion. In exchange for pipe-weed and somewhat disordered prayer, she has recieved a variety of cryptic and slightly mocking visions.