Sawtooth Vale in the spring

Nestled between the Winterpeak Mountains and the Trollveggen lies the Sawtooth Vale, home to orcs, druids, and all manner of monsters.

The Vale is composed of a mix of hardwood and evergreen trees; it is a heavily forested region, second only to the Great Cedar Forest in size.

A variety of animals have been seen in the forests, including black bears, wolves, boars and dire moose, as well as a giant roc. These creatures seem familiar with hunters using firearms, likely due to the local orcs' use of the weapons. A colossal bear spirit known as Karhu also roams the Vale; it is a remarkably calm being and, by some means not well understood, all magic ceases to function in its presence.

Points of InterestEdit

  1. Orc Village - A rustic tribal village, made mostly of tents, teepees and a few longhouses, where the bulk of the orc people live.
  2. Orc Fortress - A short distance south of the village, this modern wooden fortress was where the Orc King held court. It is now being repurposed as a lodge.
  3. Orc Lumber Camp - The orcs were clear-cutting a massive area of trees which were being floated down river to a lumber mill.
  4. Longhouse of the Elders - Once home to the elder orcs who were exiled from the village for disagreeing with the Orc King's break from tradition. Now their habitance is by choice.
  5. Druid Circle - The circle of the Sawtooth Vale druid community, once briefly occupied by shadow-druids. Its keyword is "Adon."
  6. Fountain of Couth - This ancient fountain was guarded by an ethereal prescence and puzzles of wit and wisdom. After several Pathfinders drank from it, the fountain ran dry, perhaps forever.
  7. Karhu Totem - A totem pole dedicated to the bear spirit Karhu.
  8. Tower of the First Orc - The last remains of an ancient building. The First Orc lives in its highest room.
  9. Sawtooth Vale Mines - An old mine, where the orogs of the Fifth once lived. The entrance is now sealed.
  10. Orc Burial Grounds - An old, highly spiritual burial ground, where feckless wandering is considered taboo for the local orcs.
  11. Winterpeak Falls - A mighty waterfall that interrupts the Sawtooth Vale River.
  12. Sawtooth Lake - A large lake that serves as the headwaters for the Sawtooth Vale River.

Routes and RiversEdit

  1. Sawtooth Vale River - This rapid river runs north-to-south past the Longhouse, Lumber Camp, Village and Fortress. A large waterfall interrupts its flow.
  2. Entrance to the Underdark - Several tunnels in the Mines, extended by the orogs, eventually connect to the Underdark.