Rubikon the warforged druid is constructed of wood and leaves instead of the typical metals.

As you follow the trail of the elusive warforged, he always seems to stay a step ahead, leaving eerily phrophetic messages behind for you to find.

The ancient warforged druid, codenamed Rubikon, allegedly betrayed the New Luxberg assassins' guild by defying orders and murdering several people. He headed past the wall to avoid capture by Izual, an agent of the guild. The guild therefore contracted the Pathfinders Jura and Kat to help track him down. While the information provided by guild superiors claims that the druid had gone insane, likely due to his excessive age, messages left for Izual by Rubikon and testimony from the Knights of the Post seem to indicate that he is of sound mind. Rubicon shook the Pathfinders tracking him in the Farsang Fens; he mentioned heading towards the mountains in the north.

He was eventually discovered outside the walls of Ashi-Gompa, having taken root and transformed into a cherry tree which was always in flower and bore enchanted fruit. When Jura approached this tree, three assassins appeared. They revealed that they had set in place a divination to inform them when either Jura or Kat located Rubikon, and informed Jura that they would be chopping down the tree. When Jura refused to step aside, the assassins attacked. The Pathfinders forced the assassins to surrender and accepted a nonaggression pact ensuring that they would not attempt further violence against Rubikon's tree or the Pathfinders.


It's peaceful beneath his branches.

Before his transformation, Rubikon, unlike most warforged, was constructed primarily of wood instead of metal, and apparently preferred to attack using vines and acid-based spells. He claimed to be ascended of some variety, to be one with nature and beyond the reach of mortals; his transformation into a tree lends some credence to these claims. He also clearly possesses clairvoyant powers.