Nymphs island

The small island of the nymph.

A small island stands in the center of this calm lake. The water offers a refreshing respite from the dry air of the badlands, as well as good fishing.

The Nymph's Lake is a decently-sized body of water, small enough to swim across. It is located directly north of the Towers of Silence, although the gnolls seem to pay it little mind despite its close proximity. It is a good spot to rest and fish while in the Northern Badlands.

In the center of the lake rests a small island. Upon first approaching the it, the Pathfinders were accosted by a variety of nature-based hazards, including entangling vines and a bear. It was discovered that the traps were laid by a water spirit protecting the lake. To that end, the spirit, presumably a nymph, implored Sir Roswell to defeat the current leader of the gnolls, whose practices threatened the sanctity of the water. When he returned after defeating the gnoll, the nymph was nowhere to be found, but a large number of pearls were found scattered throughout the rocks, and a token was presented to Sir Roswell personally.

Jura later visited the lake seeking aid for the Battle of Willowdale and recieved a magical sword, which was sent to Roswell after the battle.