A good, old-fashioned store, for all of your down-home needs.

As you enter the store, you see that it is chock-full of assorted goods and things. Ned stands behind the counter, giving you a welcoming smile.

Ned's General Store is located in the town of Willowdale, and is the premier source for goods in town. Ned sells all manner of tools, weapons and supplies, along with an oddity or two, all at good prices. Although he doesn't have much in the way of magical gear, he has basically anything one would need to travel, beyond the wall or otherwise. He has a particularly good selection of fishing supplies.

"The Ol' Elfen Man"Edit

Standing outside on the porch is a wooden statue of an elf warrior that Ned uses as a mannequin of sorts; sad that it had been disused as of late, he wondered if the Pathfinders might help spruce it up with things found on their travels. Taking heartily to the task, the Pathfinders have outfitted the elf in a crude golden crown (taken from the Kobold King) and scale mail armour (burial armour taken from the wight found in the Barrow Motel), as well as a large composite longbow (taken from the Bridge Oni).

Ned's Taxidermy TradeEdit

Ned is quite skilled at preserving and mounting animals and monsters. A list of Ned's work can be found here.