Young Ned

A jovial old man in waders greets you heartily, and begins to regale you of his latest fishing trip.

Ned (my friends call me"Old Ned") is a human male who runs the general store. He enjoys fishing nearly every morning at his secret fishing hole just outside the town of Willowdale, and often frequents the Boar & Thistle for food and company. He is also trained in the craft of taxidermy and can help Pathfinders stuff and mount any creature that they return with.

Ned is renowned for his vast knowledge of folk myths, tall tales and local legends, including Chickcharney, the Witch Woods, and the Church of St. Christopher. He is also a member of the Secret Society of Willowdale, a secret council that manages town affairs.

Ned never really speaks of his wife, but often mentions his son who moved to New Luxberg to seek his fortunes.

Before the Battle of Willowdale, Dr. Haiduc revealed that Ned had been at some point replaced by a changeling spy. The spy had apparently managed to infliltrate the town around the time of the Cake Competition. Kat managed to deduce the spy's true identity prior to the reveal due to both his inability to make a proper fish tank, which Kat claimed would be an easy task for any true fisherman, and the fact that he entered a pie into the contest, which was for wizards only. Kat believed that since The Necromancer had promised to "make his presence felt" at the contest, but never arrived himself, the pie must have been sent by an agent of the Necromancer.

The spy was dealt with, and the true Ned was discovered to have been slain; he was ressurrected shortly after being found. Ned did not participate in the Battle of Willowdale due to residual wounds and energy drain after being raised from the dead. Even though he regrets not fighting alongside his countrymen, he understands just how hard the Pathfinders worked to bring him back to life.

Ned is the proud owner of a set of magical leather boots, given to him at Yule by the Pathfinders, which are designed to keep him warm, or cool when fishing. He also proudly boasts of new fishing lures and other thoughful gifts.

Ned managed to survive the Disciples' attack on Willowdale, and in the aftermath helped lead many of the citizens to safety. He helped rebuild the town, and lived the rest of his years in peace and contentment as the proud grandfather of the children of his son, who moved back to his hometown with a wife and family.


Pony ned

"Why, sure, I can tell you all about the tale of the Elements of Harmony."