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A somewhat raucous old lady sits at the bar, talking about her grandchildren and making eyes at the male patrons.

Nanny Ogg is a strange woman who travelled to Willowdale from parts unknown; none of the other Pathfinders have learned much of anything about her past. Nanny is in fact a witch, and decided to travel beyond the wall at the suggestion of her familiar.

Apparently doing nothing but cackling madly and swearing during combat, her prescence was tolerated in the group due to her acting as a 'good luck charm' - people found that their enemies failed more often and that their own strikes were more successful when she was present.

Eventually, Nanny tired of life beyond the wall and settled in a cottage near Willowdale, visiting Dr. Haiduc and preforming minor feats of alchemy and healing for the townsfolk. Nanny and her witch friends helped out during the hobgoblin invasion by using their skills in the Art.

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