Marten's dam

Be careful of alleys and dark places, or you might come out poorer then when you entered.

This small town, though close to Willowdale, has a much darker atmosphere then its neighbour. As you walk through the streets, you keep a tight hand on your valubles.

A logging town located directly north of Willowdale, Marten's Dam has its own gate in the Great Wall. It's a rough town: patrons of the local tavern often pass out in their chairs and sleep on the floor, and mugging and theft in the streets is common at night. Locals do not look kindly on non-humans, and occasionally men will travel down to Willowdale and start fights in the Boar & Thistle.

The person who holds the title of Burgomaster serves as the political leader of the town, though some are aware that the mogul Jacob Plainsview holds more then a slight sway over the town's affairs. Prior to the Battle of Willowdale, the Burgomaster was an angry half-orc man named Krag Bashman, who had an ill-explained enmity towards Plainsview. He left his duties to the cook and shopkeeper of the Icy Coyote before leaving to fight in the battle, where he met his death.

Icy CoyoteEdit

The Icy Coyote is the only inn in Marten's Dam worth writing about. The service is terrible, the patrons are surly, and one only sleeps soundly if a watch is present. The current proprietor was promoted to Burgomaster when Krag left for the Battle of Willowdale; he is also a known employee of Jacob Plainsview. The inn sustained structural damage when the Pathfinders visited Marten's Dam to investigate Plainsview's counterfeiting operation.