The worn road stretches out in front of you

Keep on walking; you'll get there eventually.

, leading you unerringly into the west.

The Lonesome Road is a straight, ancient road that leads west, away from Willowdale. It bisects the Golden Fields, and leads directly to the Great Cedar Forest. From the edge of the woods, it continues on its westerly course until reaching the Sunken Fort, whereupon it leads into the lake that surrounds the fortified building, suggesting the water's more recent origin. Whether the road continues further into the west has yet to be conclusively determined.

Many points of interest can be seen from the road, including the Barrow Motel, the Church of St. Christopher, and Castle Kat. Before the corruption and fall of the church, the road was often travelled by pilgrims; for this reason it is also known as "The Pilgrim's Path." Monsters such as kobolds and the undead once roamed about the road at night, but due to the Pathfinders' actions the path is now almost entirely quiet. Though the roadside poses little danger to even the least-trained traveller, caution is still recommended when travelling past the Barrow Motel.