Kat's bright purple hair and mismatched clothes make up her peculiar style.

A halfling lass with bright vibrant hair and mismatched clothes smiles and waves. You notice she is riding a strange glowing horse-like creature that calmly says, “Nay.”

Kpatcha "Kat" Sekelterskelsturn is a halfling summoner, whose eidolon is Mr. S. Pony Esq. She collects small creatures, keepsakes, knickknacks, coins, prizes, and goodies. She has an inquisitive and playful spirit, and is usually amiacable to strangers. Kat is alergic to bee and wasp stings.

Kat is trained as a professional baker, fisherman, architect, judge, librarian, sailor, and shipwright. She is the self proclaimed captain of the ships Barnacle Head, Dragonspine, and River Queen and is the legal landowner of the Golden Fields.


Kat was raised by adoptive gnome parents in a gnome village inside the wall. Growing up she was a happy part of the culture and traditions of her adoptive community. However, she soon began to feel that though she loved her parents and town, she could not spend her life as the only halfling among the gnomes. Kat set out for adventure to find her place in the world, experience all of its joys, and make new friends along the way.

It was a wizened old Halfling who first taught Kat how to bring Sparkle Pony to the Material Plane. She needed a place to stay for the night and his house was the only one on the road for miles. Kat was excited to find that a strange and magical beast lived with the old man, floating through his home, helping serve dinner. After numerous questions to both the eidolon and his summoner, he promised to help Kat find the thread of connection from her to her own summoned partner. In spite of her short attention span, Kat's innate magical talent and careful instruction from the old man got them quickly through the basics. Just a short time later, Kat first called her bonded partner, the glowing eidolon Sparkle Pony. From that day forward the two were inseparable best friends, tied together by the thread of fate.

It is Kat's journey to find a home for Halflings, and Sparkle Pony's to understand the cultures of the material plane that brought the two of them to Willowdale. Just the next stop on their long adventure.


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I herd you like Ponies so I put a Pony on your Pony.