Before you sits a dour looking man in fine clothes. He regards you like a jeweller appraising a rough gem.

Mr. Plainsview is the richest man in Willowdale. He owns several businesses and much of the property in town, including the Trading Coster, and when the Pathfinders arrived in Willowdale was buying up even more land. He appears to look down on most of the other residents of the village, but he associated with an elven woman, a wizard bodyguard. He is currently under arrest on charges of treason.

He owned a good portion of the businesses within Marten's Dam, and a brief conversation with him suggested that he wanted to open up a logging operation in the Cedar Forest. He has also mentioned a passing interest in the source of the curse of the Witch Woods.

His actions were for some time investigated by the Secret Society of Willowdale through the Pathfinders. While he was already being watched for his prolific land purchases, his refusal to help during the Battle of Willowdale placed him under even closer scrutiny. After the battle, it was noted that several large wagons were near the Plainsview estate, suggesting that his plan was to simply leave town should it appear to become lost to the hobgoblins. The Wesnall opium farm outside of town was burned at some point during or just after the battle; as it was connected to Plainsview, there is a degree of suspicion regarding his involvement. The Pathfinders were able to block his designs on the Cedar Forest and the Golden Fields by placing these lands under the jurisdiction of the Firewalkers and Kat, respectively, and Dr. Haiduc extensively worked against Plainsview's other business deals.

At the end of Hammer, a group of Pathfinders uncovered evidence in Marten's Dam that Plainsview was involved in a coin counterfeiting operation and that he had plans to turn Willowdale into an open-pit mine, plans which included tearing down portions of the Wall. On this evidence the Pathfinders were able to arrest Plainsview, and he is currently being held by Sheriff Colquhoun awaiting trial. Searching Plainsview's estate, the Pathfinders further discovered a circle to summon an extraplanar merchant and five doses of deadly Black Lotus Extract. The estate has been extensively looted by several Pathfinders and by Plainsview's own servants.

Jacob Plainsview underwent trial in New Luxberg, and was found guilty of several counts of treason and murder, with bodies being found buried under several of his estates. He was sentenced to life in prision without bail.