When it comes to tattoos, not much inking space was wasted.

A thin elf sits quitely, clicking his fingernails together as though they were claws. You think he should have fallen asleep hours ago, but he continues to sit patiently.

Izual is an elven assassin from New Luxberg who was sent beyond the wall to track down and eliminate a warforged druid, codenamed Rubikon. He appears to be in his thirties, though as an elf he is likely much older, with tribal tattoos all along his arms, torso and face. His clothes seem of high-quality and made for city life, but in actual fact are glamoured armour. This, combined with his lack of weapon and Ring of Sustenance, make him seem far less capable to deal with adventuring then he truly is. Able to summon and merge with a reptilian eidolon, he enjoys fast, violent combat after catching his opponents off-guard.

He was dispatched from Willowdale in the company of Jura and Kat by order of his superior in order to find Rubikon, who he had been told had betrayed the New Luxberg assassins' guild. According to his information, the warforged had gone insane after existing for so long, but this seemed to conflict with messages left by the warforged himself, as well as with reports from the Knights of the Post, whom they met on the trail. The information given to Izual by the assassins, and later by Rubikon, led the group to the Farsang Fens, at which point he abandoned the horse he had just purchased in Willowdale. Deep in the swamps, the group was thuroughly evaded by their target, and was summarily lured into battle with a pair of young black dragons.

Izual was unable to locate the warforged, who claimed to have had headed north, and he was forced to return to the city empty-handed. Since then, neither he nor his mysterious 'Syndicate' have been heard from.