A typical Highcombe morning.

Located a two week's journey north-east of Willowdale on the contenent of Laurasia, the Highcombe estate is home to Sir Roswell.

It is rumored that any Pathfinder who attempts the journey to Highcombe in a group will be pwned by a grue.

Estate & ManorEdit

The Highcombe estate is home to a long-running line of horses bred almost exclusively for the purpose of riding, especially into combat. Mares are bred on a rotational basis—once every three years—to preserve their strength and integrity; stallions are highly sought after for their superior stamina and discipline.

Highcombe has passed through the hands of many families since its inception, but has been in control of the Kendrick family for the past four generations. Since being inherited by Sir Roswell, the household staff has thinned considerably, as Roswell has little use for surplus hands. The stable population, however, is as healthy as it has ever been.

The manor itself is small, suiting the relatively quiet estate. Its notable features are an impressive library, featuring an exquisite collection of rare maps, and pristine garden, which is small enough to be maintained by one fiercely adept gardener.