Travel through the Fens is slow, arduous, and miserable.

An endless drone resonates through the humid air as water seeps through your boots. No amount of swatting will keep the insect swarms away, and you wonder why you ever left the forest.

The stinking bog-swamps called the Farsang Fens are a warm, insect-filled nightmare to traverse. Travel by horseback is all but impossible, and overland travel is severely hampered by the muck. During the warm summer months, insects swarm constantly throughout the day, aggravating travellers and spoiling unprotected food.

The Fens are located due west of the Great Cedar Forest and they can be easily reached by heading northwest from the Sunken Fort at the end of the Lonesome Road. Many elven ruins are also present here, as in the Cedar Forest, but many are submerged beneath the murky water and thick vegetation. In addition to marsh-dwelling creatures such as stirges, crocodiles, dire moose and herons, the fens are home to trolls, green hags, drakes, manticores, shocker lizards, will-o-wisps, shambling mounds and black dragons.

Points of InterestEdit

  1. Elven Archives - Submerged in a large, still pond is a sealed archive building, dating to elven times. The seal reads "Akashic Records".
  2. Farsang Encampment - Some half-submerged elvish ruins have been made into a camp through the addition of several huts by the Knights of the Post. The Knights left the camp for Willowdale, and a small band of hobgoblins has moved in.
  3. Shrine to Nethys - A shrine to a god of magic, located near the junction of the River Dawn and Roswell's River.
  4. Arch-Druid's Garden - A small clearing in the fens was home to the rare and beautious Tahtolethi, or Wish Flower. The flower was picked, resulting in the creation of the Golden Fields druid circle, and the seed was returned to the Arch-Druid in exchange for his mead.
  5. Green Hag Covey - A covey of no less then three green hags was discovered in the Fens, but was not approached.

Routes and RiversEdit

  1. River Dawn - Flows to the west. Seperates the Farsang Fens from the Ravenswood.
  2. Roswell's River - Flows to the north before joining the River Dawn. Seperates the Farsang Fens from the Western Rainforest.