"I would like to give these remains a proper burial."

A pale, sickly looking man discusses the fine aspects of the mortician's art. You note that he hasn't blinked in several minutes, or bothered to pause for breath.

Erevis Greyblood is a human sorceror, with an undead background. He is a mortician and has set up a mortuary business in town, in addition to a new graveyard. He has also founded a new school of wizardry, focused on the necromantic arts, called Nahasian Insights with the help of local wizards. Through repeated castings of Colour Spray he has been given the title of 'Rainbow Mage' by Kat.

Though a user and acknowledged patron of the necromantic arts, Erevis himself is staunchly opposed to the creation of undead and the corruption of any body's final rest. To this end, he has put out the odd request that should any Pathfinders find bodies improperly buried or simply heaped, they should be brought back to him so that they might be interred within his newly founded graveyard of the lost.

After retrieving the burnt bodies of the former students and teachers of Ur-Nahash and interring them within his mortuary, a spectral wizard came into being. An amalgamation of an unknown number of the dead from Ur-Nahash, the ghost seemed to think that the school was still operational and that there was more teaching to be done. Unable to convince the ghost that the school was destroyed, Erevis took it on as a cohort so that he could channel the being's power towards better ends. It now teaches as Nahasian Insights.

Erevis' undead background and his use of the Red Ichor Flask combine to give him some very odd habits. He sometimes pauses in the middle of a conversation to check his pulse, has regular baths in salt, and has developed a taste for fish bones, sand, and other questionably edible items.