Drunken forest

Ok frith, I think you've had enough

The trees in this evergreen forest are tilted to various angles like drunks, leaning unsteadily. The ground here is rough and icy.

The Drunken Frith ("Forest") is one of the most northerly forests beyond the wall, and is located north of the Open Steppe. Populated with evergreen trees, this region grows progressively colder as it reaches the foot of Deepen Dale in the north. Megafauna like giant sloths, smilodons, and cave bears have been spotted in the forest during the day. On the one occasion in which the Pathfinders remained after dark they were chased by a hunting party of dullahan and their hounds.

Points of InterestEdit

  1. Copper Clearings - An ancient war zone lies in the southeast of the forest. Decaying bronze and copper weapons inhibit the growth of trees and other plants here.
  2. Shadow Lodge - A meeting place of spirits and fey.