The Mysterious Stranger appears before the Pathfinders.

As the late watch, you tense immediately when you notice something moving in the dark. The figure resolves itself as a man, who politely asks if he could join you for some rest and conversation.

A supernatural traveller, the spirit Djinn of Djinn originates from southern lands, and appears as a tall, dark-skinned human wearing a turban. He does not give his name freely, requiring others to earn his trust before giving away this information. He has been called by the Pathfinders both Stranger and Mystery Man.

Travelling by warm wind currents, he sometimes visits the Pathfinders at their campsites. He seems to wander freely around the land and can run into the Pathfinders regardless of their camp's location, though he's probably more likely to visit in the warmer southern areas. He enjoys company, and is just as eager to swap stories as he is the rare blades he carries. He offers each of the Pathfinders a cup of sweet southern coffee when he visits, enjoys sharing tales of both culture and geography, and prefers to trade blade-for-blade rather then deal with coin.

He has been encountered in the Southern Badlands, the Dead Canyons, and in the Great Cedar Forest during the warmest part of the summer, though he claimed that it was far too cold for him. He mentioned that he does not travel far from the desert during the colder months; in the month of Hammer, he was found in the Hyrcanian Desert at a hidden oasis. He was in the company of two other genies, a Shaitan and an Efreeti, and he invited the Pathfinders to gamble over cards with them. The Pathfinders were very lucky in these games, and won several boons including vital information regarding the true nature of the Cinder Man. At this time, he repeated an earlier request that the Pathfinders attempt to free the Marid in Rathbone the Red's Tower.

When Kat warned him of the coming eclipse and the likely attack of the Necromancer, Djinn of Djinn took the warning gravely, and gave her a magic wish-granting lamp to aid her in exchange for her friendship and concern. Kat volunteered one of these wishes to restore the body of Leão after he was consumed by the Necromancer, allowing him to be returned to life. She offered a second to the First to return him to true life, but the First declined.