Mount Rainier Washington

It was at this point that Dr. Haiduc decided to become half wookie.

The trees thin out as the altitude increases, and you can feel the air getting colder as you begin your climb up the mountainside.

A semicircle of snow-capped mountains in the shape of a crescent moon, the Deepen Dale lies north of the Drunken Frith. These mountains mark the beginning of the arctic zone; harsh weather and low temperatures characterize this area.

Megafauna including mammoths and other giant mammals inhabit the region, as well as stranger creatures including catoblepas. Yetis make their homes in the mountains as well; they are peaceful, albeit not very intelligent, and can be commisioned as guides in exchange for food.

Points of InterestEdit

  1. Druid Circle - Lies in the eastern end of the Deepen Dale basin. Its keyword is 'xyzzy'.
  2. Tarn - A mountain lake found at the foot of the mountains.
  3. Gravesite - A tomb of a late adventurer was found north of the Druid's Circle.
  4. Grave of the Betrayers - A series of three linked tombs tunneled into the mountains, where several ancient ghosts known as the Betrayers are bound.
  5. Shrine to Thunderbird - A simple shrine to a spirit revered by the barbarian tribes of the north.
  6. Tomb of the Storm King - The final resting place of the current Storm King's predecessor.
  7. Ice Troll Lairs - Ice trolls form and break warbands in the mountain caves surrounding Deepen Dale, raiding the surrounding area.
  8. Polar Goblin Caves - These ornery little fellows raid bands of trolls, giants and anything else that doesn't fight back immediately. They strike fast and retreat when met with retaliation, returning to their caves.