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The ruins are safer by day.

As you walk past cave after cave within the gorge, you wonder what might lurk in the recesses. When the sun sets, you get an uneasy feeling.

The Dead Canyons are a series of gorges located further south than the badlands. The land is dry and warm, lacking in much vegetation. Caves are frequently spotted amongst the rock formations, and many of these have been marked and used as tombs by a civilization long past.

A large series of connected canyons give the region its name. The canyons were used by a long ruined "Empire of Decadence" to house their dead kings and queens.

Basilisks are known to frequently roam the rocky ground, as do giant scorpions, and the canyons are home to all manner of cadaverous, spectral and skeletal undead. A warm wind sometimes brings the traveller Djinn of Djinn into the canyons, and a group of witches known as the Janni of the Dead Canyons inhabit the canyon's caves, offering respite to travelers who agree to remain peaceful in their presence. Since most of the troublesome tombs have been cleansed, the Canyons have become less hostile than in recent years. While roaming spirits do still inhabit the area, it is now much safer for travel.

Points of InterestEdit

1. Tomb of Sekhemkhet - This tomb, dedicated to an ancient goddess of knowledge, is the last resting place of an ancient half-orc pharaoh known as "the Longtooth".

2. Crypt of the Endless Dead - A mass burial ground full of corpses animated by an undead tomb guardian. The crypt has been cleared.

3. Shrine to Bhaal - A shrine to Bhaal, a god who does not match the cultural origin of the other gods referenced in the area; the shrine is marked as the tomb of Kheti the First.

4. Ur-Nahash - A old school of Necromancy, now in ruins.

5. Tomb of Amenemhat - A tomb of dwarven design, protected by a seemingly limitless supply of deadly traps.

6. Tomb of Qa'a - A defaced and open tomb. Nothing of note is said to remain inside.

7. Tomb of Sobekhare the Beardless - A sealed tomb dedicated to a pariah female pharaoh, who is said to be "buried in water" and cursed to "dreaming without end."

8. Janni Cave - These caves are where the "Sisters of Sand" spend their time on the material plane.



The Hyrcan Cliffs mark the beginning of the Hyrcanian Desert.