Running is probably a good idea.

A rumbling in the distance disturbs the quiet night. As it approaches, you feel the forest around you shudder.

Chickcharney is an owlbear who wanders the Great Cedar Forest. He once had distinctive black colouring, red eyes and an unnatural size, and would fly into a mad rage with an unpredictable pattern, destroying trees and attacking anything around him. When he was relieved of his duty, he regained the average size and brown colouration of a standard owlbear, and it seems that his supernatural rage has vanished as well.

One legend has it that Chickcharney is a cursed elven lover, while another suggests that he is an elven warrior who volunteered to be transformed into a guardian spirit. Paintings of a guardian owlbear bearing a resemblance to Chickcharney were found in a museum of the elven city of Alsea, whose elders believed that he might be an ancient guardian of the city that once stood where the forest is now. When the Pathfinders located and destroyed the magic within the ruined city's keystone, Chickcharney lost all of his supernatural strength and abilities, proving the theory of the elven elders.

When they first encountered the creature, the Pathfinders engaged it in combat; the owlbear disappeared suddenly in a flash of magical energy after being heavily wounded. After this, the Pathfinders avoided engaging with the creature, instead opting to flee whenever his rage brought him too close to a campsite. On one occasion, the Pathfinders led him directly through the camp of the late Skull-Taker goblins, who then suffered his wrath.

Whether through coincidence or some strange reason, encounters with the owlbear seem to occur more frequently when Kat is present.

Chickcharney is worshiped as a god by the Crow Dog goblin pack.