Castle rock

It was a heck of a climb, but at least the view is nice.

From the top of this mesa, you can see for miles in all directions. Alas, most of what you see is cedar trees.

Castle Rock is a mesa located within the Great Cedar Forest. Although being a very steep and difficult climb, it has been scaled several times by the Pathfinders. The mesa affords a good view of the surrounding area; the Red Forest and Doors to the North can both be seen from here.

This seems to be the only portion of the Cedar Forest not under the rule of a goblin tribe, though the Firewalkers control much of the surrounding region.

There is at least one griffon who resides at the mesa's peak, whose chick hatched within the month of Flamerule. No one has seen the parent(s) or the chick itself, but the egg was found both before and after hatching.

A grave was also discovered at the peak, in the form of a rock pile with a sword for a marker. Once exhumed, the body was found to be of a half-orc who died of combat wounds. A scroll he carried said his name was Father Daga and that he was part of an adventuring party who had passed by at least 50 years ago. The scroll outlined the path the party intended to follow, but no one yet knows how far they managed to go.