Usually little more then an inauspicious hill, barrow mounds can be hard to spot.

Hard to spot at first, you notice something strange about the small hill nearby. Finding a large rock blocking what may be an entrance, you wonder what could be inside.

Barrow mounds are small tombs that are scattered throughout the lands beyond the wall. Constructed from hollowed-out hills, they are usually sealed with a large rock that covers the single entrance. Though they may be of slightly different sizes and styles, they have all been found to house the bodies and effects of ancient northern warriors.

First MoundEdit

The first barrow mound to be discovered by the Pathfinders was located in the Golden Fields, directly off of the road. Once it was explored, emptied and sanctified, it was converted into a rest spot known now as the Barrow Motel.

Second MoundEdit

A second barrow mound, highly camouflaged by surrounding trees, was discovered in the southern reaches of the Great Cedar Forest, and has been explored. It held four wights, similar in nature to one in the first mound. Runes on the walls indicated the presence of a fifth mound.

Third and Fourth MoundEdit

Two barrow mounds of a different, larger style were found farther north. They sit at the border of the Northern Badlands and Lichfields, and both were thoroughly explored; one of the two housed cloakers.

Fifth MoundEdit

A fifth mound has been discovered, resting south of the Sunken Fort at the edge of the Great Cedar Forest, which has not yet been explored.