Summers here are very short

A sharp wind blows across the cold and desolate landscape. A long journey awaits you.

The Highlands are far to the north, reaching to the southern borders of the frozen Everice, and marks the northern reaches of the tree line.

This tundra is said to be home to the northern barbarian tribes, and indeed, Northmen have been encountered in the region. Only the hardiest of animals make their homes here, including wooly mammoths, dire moose, polar goblins, ice trolls and winter wolves. A portion of the highlands near the Trollveggen is home to night hags who visit horrible draining nightmares upon any who sleep within their domain.

Points of InterestEdit

  1. Elven Watchtower - An ancient green-stoned tower, warded from interlopers by elven magic.
  2. Dragon Burial Grounds - A huge crater, final resting place of a giant dragon. Other dragons seem to congregate here in their last hours of life.
  3. Shrike Lodge - Home of the barbaric Shrike Clan.
  4. Thunderbird Lodge - Home of the barbaric Thunderbird Clan.
  5. Black Falcon Lodge - Home of the barbaric Black Falcon Clan, said to be the most powerful of the tribes in the region.