Volcanic wastes

A dark and desolate place.

Your steps kick up ash no matter where you turn, and the dust irritates your lungs. Everything seems to be a shade of grey, even the sky.

The Ashen Plains lie at the base of an active volcano, from which a thin layer of ash is constantly spewn. Lightning continually flashes from the ever-present, thick clouds that cover the sky, and there is almost no vegetation in the area, as the air and ground is choked with dust and smoke. A stand of white, petrified trees lies south of a ruined city, near a large lake which feeds the River Dusk.

Dark folk walk the streets of the barren city, as well as salamanders and other firey creatures. A great red dragon known as Amurru used to live in the volcano with his three wives and many children; whether the family will stay now that their patriarch has been killed remains to be seen.

Points of InterestEdit

  1. Ruined City - A burned-out city at the center of the Ashen Plains, formerly known as Wyrmstad. The buildings, or what is left of them, are made entirely of stone and cement.
  2. Mount Wyrmstad - The volcano at the center of the Ashen Plains, former home of Amurru.
  3. Church of Abadar - At the edge of the Ruined City stands a church to the god of civilization, which remains strangely untouched despite the surrounding devestation.
  4. Shipwreck - A beached ship that lies on the shores of the River Dusk. The Pathfinders have yet to closely examine it.
  5. Kiragg Lake - An unexplored lake south of the Ruined City.
  6. Ornithopter Crash Site- A ruined flying machine was discovered on the northern edge of the plains. The machine was recovered and repaired, and can now be flown using a magic rod.

Routes and RiversEdit

  1. River Dusk - Originates within the Ashen Plains from Kiragg Lake, this river flows to the south and southwest.
  2. Lost Highway - Leads from the Open Steppe directly to the gates of the Ruined City.